Journey out of the Comfort Zone

Last night I ran across this interview from my Y days when I was the Membership & Marketing Director and Water Aerobics Instructor. As I watched the video, I was thinking what happened to that confident woman? Aren’t you supposed to get more confident as you grow older?

Somewhere along the way I lost that confidence and purpose. I fell into the trap of mediocrity. I made excuses for not exercising, eating healthy, or pursuing my dreams. The job at the Y pushed me to step up and lead. I was at the head of the class and out in the community being a representative of health and fitness. It was exhilarating, but sometimes exhausting as my dominate introvert side prefers to work behind the scenes.

At first, it was a relief when I left the Y and just had an office job in a factory where I could “relax” and hang out in my comfort zone for a little while. Just work and go home. The problem is the comfort zone is the least comfortable place to be! I became complacent and settled for less than I knew I could achieve. This knowledge chipped away at my confidence and left me feeling defeated.

In the back of my mind my younger, stronger, confident self kept pushing me to get back in the game of life. Put yourself out there because there are people in your shoes that need help finding their way out of a funk and into a life of purpose and passion. By pursuing your dreams, you inspire others to pursue their dreams.

So, I started thinking about how I could get out of my own way and back on track to living outside the lines in that place where all the magic happens. I dove back into personal development which I studied extensively in my Y days. Several hours a day, consistently every day I would read, listen to audiobooks, podcasts, watch videos, take courses. I immersed myself in positive psychology…


From this more focused and centered mindset, Chick Flicks and Chocolate bubbled up to the surface as a platform to share my passion for personal development with the world. I resisted at first from fear of missing out on other opportunities.

I recognized this form of procrastination and created a formula to determine which path to pursue when you are stuck and chasing shiny objects. But guess what, Chick Flicks and Chocolate didn’t top the list. A business involving plant based nutrition did. Even though I know that business would thrive, I kept feeling that I needed some fun and adventure in my life and Chick Flicks and Chocolate could provide that. So, I started focusing on bringing my idea to life and that leads to today, my first blog post!

With Chick Flicks and Chocolate, I see myself traveling to chocolate shops all over the USA and in Paris, Switzerland, Italy… attending chick flick premiers, walking across the red carpet in Hollywood and at the Cannes Film Festival interviewing celebrities and change makers of the world for my Chick Flicks and Chocolate podcast that is listened to by millions of people around the world. I also want to help empower women and children that are in domestic violence and homeless shelters. Yes, it’s a big dream, but it’s pursuing the dream that makes us feel alive. I am excited for the journey.

Let’s do this!

Kathy G

Author: WriterKat

Writer, Poet, Blogger, Entrepreneur, Dreamer, Procrastinator, Spiritual, Curious, Adventurer

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