What Happened? Hillary Got Shot!

what happened

Your brain does funny things when you multi-task, at least my brain does. I never paid much attention to it before today. My brain tries to draw parallels and extract meaning from the combined input. For example, today I listened to What Happened by Hillary Clinton on Audible and watched a Bitcoin documentary on Netflix.

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I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Hillary was narrating her book. I LOVE when authors narrate their own books because the inflection and passion comes through much better than when someone else narrates.

As I was listening to Hillary, I felt some of those same gut-wrenching emotions I had when I found out she lost the presidential campaign to someone with no political experience. I just didn’t get it. How can you even run for the highest office in the land with no political experience? I have read Donald Trump’s books for years and respected him as a business man, but as President of the United States winning the vote against opponents who dedicated their entire life to a political career? It didn’t make sense.

To me, it would be like Tony Robbins performing brain surgery. Is he the best in his field? Absolutely! Should he step into the operating room and count on the rest of the team to show him how to remove a tumor? Not on my brain! Sorry Tony, I love you, but I want a seasoned professional who has performed hundreds of operations and knows what he’s doing. The difference in the President’s case is millions of lives are at stake!

I’ve never been into politics, but this last election was a stark reminder of why it should matter to me and every American citizen. Every vote counts! Well, at least it’s supposed to, right? That electoral college thing has always been confusing to me.

I felt Hillary’s pain as she talked about how she was treated as she climbed the political ladder. And how she was coddled after the election by being told to go home and spend quality time with her family, like a demanding career and quality family time can’t be accomplished at the same time. There are sacrifices when you are trying to change the world, but the same holds true for both women and men. We all make time for our top priorities.

Unfortunately, I have experienced the “good ole boy’s” club many times throughout my career. I’ve watched less experienced guys get the promotion while I fetched the coffee. I’ve been belittled, overlooked, ignored, winked at, yelled at, and sent to run personal errands. It’s part of the game in a man’s world, right? I couldn’t get out of Corporate America fast enough. But it happened in non-profit organizations too. Over the years, my skin got thicker along with my thighs which made me even more invisible. Suck it up buttercup, and do it with a smile or risk being called cold and callous.

So, I was wondering if we will ever rise above our limited thinking as I was listening to What Happened when I decided to take a break and watch Banking on Bitcoin. I have always had an interest in trends and technology. I was on a Millionaire Mentor call with Tai Lopez yesterday and he said if you would have purchased $100 in Bitcoin when it first came out in 2010, it would now be worth 75 MILLION dollars! Wow! That got my attention! I have heard of Bitcoin off and on over the years, but I thought it was for gamers. It was never on my radar. So, I was curious what it was all about and heard the documentary is an “eye opener.”

I found it interesting that some of the pioneers of Bitcoin, aka cryptocurrency were arrested and others found it necessary to hide their identity.

Then a couple of quotes in Banking on Bitcoin made the connection in my brain between the documentary and Hillary: “The first one through the door always gets shot.” “They pave the way for the rest of us.”

Yes, Hillary got “shot” down in the election. But, she left a much bigger legacy than the presidency. She has given HOPE to a generation of little girls and busted down the door so the next women who dares to run for President of the United States doesn’t get shot.

Make the connection!

Author: WriterKat

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2 thoughts on “What Happened? Hillary Got Shot!”

  1. That’s a great way to look at it. I’m reading What Happened right now, too, and experiencing all the emotional turmoil that goes with it. Getting that book may not have been the best idea in the world for me, haha…going through the pain of the election all over again!

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