Battle of the Sexes


“Some day we will be free to be who we are and love who we love.” 

That line from the Battle of the Sexes movie made me cry because it’s nearly a half-century later and we are still battling male chauvinism as can be witnessed from the Weinstein scandal that Michael Moore so eloquently addressed to Trump’s “Grab them by the pussy” tape that fueled instead of doused his presidential campaign, which left millions of us in a state of shock and disbelief.  

Is it a sad time for the battle of the sexes that remains or is it a time to celebrate for the Billy Jean Kings of the world who push back no matter how powerful a misogynist monster appears. Since the fall of man there have been and will continue to be a sinful side to mankind, but there is also progress and hope thanks to those who refuse to be silenced. 

It was just me and a couple who was in the theater mid-week watching Battle of the Sexes. How I wish the theater was filled so more of us can be inspired to stand up to bullies and live our truth. 


What Happened? Hillary Got Shot!

what happened

Your brain does funny things when you multi-task, at least my brain does. I never paid much attention to it before today. My brain tries to draw parallels and extract meaning from the combined input. For example, today I listened to What Happened by Hillary Clinton on Audible and watched a Bitcoin documentary on Netflix.

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I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that Hillary was narrating her book. I LOVE when authors narrate their own books because the inflection and passion comes through much better than when someone else narrates.

As I was listening to Hillary, I felt some of those same gut-wrenching emotions I had when I found out she lost the presidential campaign to someone with no political experience. I just didn’t get it. How can you even run for the highest office in the land with no political experience? I have read Donald Trump’s books for years and respected him as a business man, but as President of the United States winning the vote against opponents who dedicated their entire life to a political career? It didn’t make sense.

To me, it would be like Tony Robbins performing brain surgery. Is he the best in his field? Absolutely! Should he step into the operating room and count on the rest of the team to show him how to remove a tumor? Not on my brain! Sorry Tony, I love you, but I want a seasoned professional who has performed hundreds of operations and knows what he’s doing. The difference in the President’s case is millions of lives are at stake!

I’ve never been into politics, but this last election was a stark reminder of why it should matter to me and every American citizen. Every vote counts! Well, at least it’s supposed to, right? That electoral college thing has always been confusing to me.

I felt Hillary’s pain as she talked about how she was treated as she climbed the political ladder. And how she was coddled after the election by being told to go home and spend quality time with her family, like a demanding career and quality family time can’t be accomplished at the same time. There are sacrifices when you are trying to change the world, but the same holds true for both women and men. We all make time for our top priorities.

Unfortunately, I have experienced the “good ole boy’s” club many times throughout my career. I’ve watched less experienced guys get the promotion while I fetched the coffee. I’ve been belittled, overlooked, ignored, winked at, yelled at, and sent to run personal errands. It’s part of the game in a man’s world, right? I couldn’t get out of Corporate America fast enough. But it happened in non-profit organizations too. Over the years, my skin got thicker along with my thighs which made me even more invisible. Suck it up buttercup, and do it with a smile or risk being called cold and callous.

So, I was wondering if we will ever rise above our limited thinking as I was listening to What Happened when I decided to take a break and watch Banking on Bitcoin. I have always had an interest in trends and technology. I was on a Millionaire Mentor call with Tai Lopez yesterday and he said if you would have purchased $100 in Bitcoin when it first came out in 2010, it would now be worth 75 MILLION dollars! Wow! That got my attention! I have heard of Bitcoin off and on over the years, but I thought it was for gamers. It was never on my radar. So, I was curious what it was all about and heard the documentary is an “eye opener.”

I found it interesting that some of the pioneers of Bitcoin, aka cryptocurrency were arrested and others found it necessary to hide their identity.

Then a couple of quotes in Banking on Bitcoin made the connection in my brain between the documentary and Hillary: “The first one through the door always gets shot.” “They pave the way for the rest of us.”

Yes, Hillary got “shot” down in the election. But, she left a much bigger legacy than the presidency. She has given HOPE to a generation of little girls and busted down the door so the next women who dares to run for President of the United States doesn’t get shot.

Make the connection!

Lipstick Review #1 – HOME AGAIN

Lipstick Reviews

This is my first Lipstick Review! I am creating Lipstick Reviews mostly for fun. I LOVE to watch romance movies and it makes sense as a chick flick blogger to share my insights. Feel free to add your insights too!

I will normally post Lipstick Reviews on a separate page, but I want to share this first one in the blog section so you are familiar with the page and can subscribe for future reviews if you like.

The Lipstick Reviews are based on a scale of 1 to 5:

  1. No Lipstick Necessary… Stay home in your sweats and wait until it comes out on Netflix!
  2. Chap Stick – Your lips may get chapped from eating too much salted popcorn to keep from nodding off.
  3. Lip Gloss – Looks good at first glance, but not much substance.
  4. Lip Smacker – Good enough to make you lick your lips and want more!
  5. Lip Stick – This one will “stick” with you! Put on your favorite lipstick, get dolled up, and invite your besties for a girl’s night out!

The Lipstick Review scoring system may change based on YOUR feedback. What criteria do you wish was included in chick flick reviews? Let me know. I want the reviews to be helpful, insightful, and fun!


home again

First up for Lipstick Review is HOME AGAIN starring Reese Witherspoon:

My daughter called me spontaneously in the middle of the afternoon to go see this movie with her and my oldest granddaughter. That made my day, especially since I’ve had the movie on my must see list since watching the trailer a couple months ago. Plus, I LOVE spending time with my girls doing one of our favorite things… watching chick flicks!

This movie had some real life issues, like divorce and life as a single mom, along with some fantasy… three adorable guys helping with everything from cooking to the kids while pursuing their Hollywood dreams!

One of the things I found interesting about Home Again that I have noticed almost as a theme in movies where there is a relationship between an older woman and a younger man is the guilt that the woman feels because of the age difference. I wonder if men ever feel this way? I don’t recall ever seeing it be an issue in a movie. Have you?

I loved the ending. It’s a feel-good movie that is a wonderful antidote for all the doom and gloom that has been surrounding us lately. It is the perfect momentary escape into a world where we all get along, after we set things straight!

Lipstick Review Score = 4 

Do you agree? What did you like best about the movie? Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out!

Love Is…

Chick Flicks (7)

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. ~ 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Yesterday, I posted “Love is…” on my Facebook page. Surprisingly, the guys gave deep answers. The women didn’t bother answering at all. And, I made a joke of it because basically that is what love has been to me, a joke. Of course there is love that you have for your family, but I’m talking about the kind of love that makes you feel part of someone’s soul. Where is that love? I haven’t felt it for so long, I forget. My marriage long ago succumbed to platonic love which we have learned to live with. Love is something we rarely discuss, but I know it crosses our mind, at least it does mine.

The movie Adore has me thinking about love a lot lately. The movie crosses moral barriers, yet love in all its fascinating dimensions is at the core of the story and that is the allure to me. I’m always trying to see love in all its glory since it seems to have eclipsed my love life. Is love an illusion? I hear talk of it, but I also see the side where it is glorified and made to be bigger than it truly is or was.

Does love always have to have a downside? Is true love real? Does passionate love fade over time or get stronger? Does love last forever? Is lack of love self-inflicted? Is it possible to redirect the energy spent on loving someone into something that could be more fulfilling and serve the greater good of mankind? Did I do something wrong in a previous lifetime to keep true love at bay in this lifetime? Does God want my love all for Himself? Does He want me to love only as He loves? Trading passion for purity? These are the questions I ponder when I’m not keeping my mind occupied.

My first response to Love Is… Netflix predicting which movies I will like. A joke as I said, but it predicted that I would like Adore and I do. In fact, it got me thinking about love again and wondering where it fits in my life. Am I only an observant in this realm? Some of the best writers are never satisfied and keep looking for the illusive butterfly. Perhaps my love is meant to be shards that reflect God’s light. Time will tell.

After some reflection, I came up with this poem of what I truly believe love is…

Love Is…

The brightest fireworks
in the darkest sky.

A million tiny bubbles
in the hot tub of life.

Cotton candy
on a roller coaster ride.

The most fragrant rose
with the sharpest thorns.

Love is…

a loaded weapon,

silent screams,


Love is…
the most powerful drug
on the planet.

Love is…