Lipstick Reviews

Lipstick Reviews are based on a scale of 1 to 5:

  1. No Lipstick Necessary… Stay home in your sweats and wait until it comes out on Netflix!
  2. Chap Stick – Your lips may get chapped from eating too much salted popcorn to keep from nodding off.
  3. Lip Gloss – Looks good at first glance, but not much substance.
  4. Lip Smacker – Good enough to make you lick your lips and want more!
  5. Lip Stick – This one will “stick” with you! Put on your favorite lipstick, get dolled up, and invite your besties for a girl’s night out!

The Lipstick Review scoring system may change based on YOUR feedback. What criteria do you wish was included in chick flick reviews? Let me know. I want the reviews to be helpful, insightful, and fun!


home again

First up for Lipstick Review is HOME AGAIN starring Reese Witherspoon:

My daughter called me spontaneously in the middle of the afternoon to go see this movie with her and my oldest granddaughter. That made my day, especially since I’ve had the movie on my must see list since watching the trailer a couple months ago. Plus, I LOVE spending time with my girls doing one of our favorite things… watching chick flicks!

This movie had some real life issues, like divorce and life as a single mom, along with some fantasy… three adorable guys helping with everything from cooking to the kids while pursuing their Hollywood dreams!

One of the things I found interesting about Home Again that I have noticed almost as a theme in movies where there is a relationship between an older woman and a younger man is the guilt that the woman feels because of the age difference. I wonder if men ever feel this way? I don’t recall ever seeing it be an issue in a movie. Have you?

I loved the ending. It’s a feel-good movie that is a wonderful antidote for all the doom and gloom that has been surrounding us lately. It is the perfect momentary escape into a world where we all get along, after we set things straight!

Lipstick Review Score = 4 

Do you agree? What did you like best about the movie? Haven’t seen it yet? Check it out!

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